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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Crossed wires

As an addendum to the electricity stories I would also like to add one other 'event'. This shows the point I raise in my first blog and at the head of the page. I have a bad memory and what I do have is active. I have put together large chunks of my past have been pieced together from what people have told me happened. That's why there are two versions of this story – what I thought may have happened for at least a decade...and what actually may have happened.

What I THOUGHT happened

I was a youngster...around 11 think, and my parents and I regularly went to the caravan park in Northamptonshire called Billing Aquadrome. It was the sort of caravan part where you had caravans that never went anywhere – more little weekend holiday homes. It had nice lakes, arcades, and lots of open land to run and play in.

Or in my case waddle in...I have never really been a small kid

I DID however, like to explore, so I often went for wanders.
One rainy Sunday I stuck on my wellies and went for a wander to the far side of the park. I knew there was this lock there and a small path out to the was the wild unknown land and sort of naughty to go as it was going out the park.

You know...the sort of place you HAD to go when you were a kid.

It started raining and I only had a t-shirt on but I was young and did not was light rain I think
Then there was a big BANG and FLASH!!!

That's the last thing I remember-until I turned up at the caravan...covered in mud...spiky hair...and what looked like a burn on my chest....did I get HIT BY LIGHTNING!!! my parents thought so.....

What REALLY happened

I was a youngster...hang on...this bits the skip that bit

So...this bit needs some dad played a lot of golf during that time and on that day
Someone DID get struck by lightning-a person on the golf course-and that was the talk of adults on the day

On the day in question I did go out and have a play
The bang and flash? It was me jumping out the way of a car on the path and getting clipped by it as I did, landing in the drainage ditch at the side

This explained the mud...the spiky hair...

When I got in my dad apparently – in his usual gallows humour – apparently said, “looks like someone else got hit by lightening today!!”

And that's SORT of why I remember it that way

One thing though...what about the burn on the chest?!?
Questions still need to be answered.....

SOOO as I said from the start....I have a bad memory and a good imagination..
I don't intend it tell a lie...but if I get something wrong....SORRY!!

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