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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Close shaves 2 – where did I put that soothing balm?

CAREFUL DEAR READERS...THIS ONE IS A LITTLE NAUGHTY – skip over if you don't want to know

The last story looked at a mix up where my mother thought I was using certain aid for my sexual awakening. She thought I was going to give Little Logan a little bath in shaving foam. I wasn't, but later in my life I came to understand that you really should be careful what you put down there.

I was a late bloomer with the fairer sex. Oh I knew the mechanics and was aware of what to do. But it was all theory and no practice. University sort of helped me along the path. I never 'did the deed' in those hallowed halls of learning, but I came close. Too close...

Me and an unnamed lass got drunk and flirty one night. Who she was is never got that far for either of us to be embarrassed. It did get far enough that we were both naked, making out, having fun...and she asks me to pass her the lube to aid...her helping me out at the time.

I scramble on the bed side table in the dark where she says the tube was and pass her it. She applies it to her hands and Little Logan and gets to work.

It was nice...nice and warm...nice and...very warm...nice and ...should it be that hot?..I thought the lube reduced the friction....ow
ow ow ow ow
That's burning!

I jump of the bed screaming and run to the bathroom.

Now one vital missing bit of information was the lady in question was something of a sports nut.
And she had Deep Heat on her bed side table as well

I spent the next 30 mins with my bits in the sink, the tap running over it, with the lady dying of laughter.

We never went any further than that....

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