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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Exercising my rights

Despite my size I do like to keep as fit as I can with some form of exercise. At different times of my life I have tried various things such as walking, swimming and more recently, gym equipment and computer based simulations.

Thing is, when I do exercise on my own in my home I tend to do it naked...or at most in pants.

Not being weird, its just I sweat a lot and do not want to get clothes all messed up and need washing after only one session. Also I was brought up in a house were being naked was not a big deal.
After all its just flesh and its what you do with it that's sexual.

With the recent simulations such as the Playstation Dance Mats and the Xbox Kinect games the same is the case. Unfortunately you also have cameras on these things now and I can now see my flabby flesh bouncing around to the latest 'tunes'. Trust me, this is not John Travolta in Staying Alive here...its Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle...but its all keeping the ticker going...just don't storm into my house if you hear music or try to hard to look through the window.

But it gets better....doing exercise in the nude can also be bad for you health

One time I had an exercise bike. It was good as could get half and hour or even an hour of peddling done while watching telly or reading a book. Once such marathon session had me peddling, working or a sweat while watching all of the first Star Wars.

Problem came when I tried to get off and stand up.

I had unfortunately sat in such a way that had been sitting on....Little Logan....and this had cut off the circulation and made it numb like if you had laid on your arm too long

There is nothing like the worry you first feel when you can't feel your penis.

I spent a good five minutes bouncing round the room wondering what the problem was, trying to slap some life back into my member

Then the inevitable happened, the blood started flowing back in....and so did the pins and needles.

I was praying for the return of the previous numbness as it felt like someone was rolling my little fella in a cactus patch. I spent most of the rest of that day walking round like I had been riding a horse for a few days...

Needless to say I have always been a little more careful hoe I arranged myself when exercising since then.

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