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Monday, 4 April 2011

Temporary Roomate

Me and my family are always friendly and willing to put those in need up for the night. In certain cases my parents have been even more keen to see me have a guest over when I was younger.
Of course...sometimes this led to some misunderstandings

After I finished University I came home for a short time while I was looking for a job. During this time I also caught up with some old friends I had lost touch with when I had been away.

One of these was a nice young woman I knew from my days at Homebase. Back then, the uniform was a green shirt and dungarees and I had looked like an Irish Mario...not very appealing but we were all in the same boat. Me and this woman never had any romantic connection – we were more colleges and I am sure my parents knew this.

Skip forward around four years and me and this lass ran into each other again by chance. It was a passing meeting but we wanted to catch up more – just because we were mates, so we arranged to meet again a few nights later at a pub.

My parents were uncommonly happy....pushy much?

Anyway, comes the evening and we have a pleasant drink...both get a bit tipsey but no sexual frisson or anything – Defintly just mates as far as I was concenred

Thing was we having so much fun that she misses her last bus home.

Being the gentleman I offer her a place to crash at mine – I had a spare bed in my room at the time.

I bring her home and my parents look like the Cheshire Cat....all smiles

We retire in short order and its cool – separate beds and all quiet.

Then at some point in the night she wakes up screaming


She was having a nightmare and jumped over to my bed whimpering...I hugged and comforted her to she calmed down,,,she was making some very scared moaning sounds.

Things could have gone better if I did not then hear on the dividing wall between my room and my parents the sound of a fist banging followed by my dad saying


I think the poor woman was too sleepy to actually have heard the response. She left in the morning.

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