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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Milk Bottle – an addendum

The milk bottle story was one of my first and most infamous....but there a couple of addons to it

My mother is a seamstress and likes to see good quality work done and so do her friends. I am also not a prude but come a few weeks later while recovering from my circumcission I did not expect the following...

One of my mother's friends came round to see her. I hear her come in the door while I am on the bed upstairs.
I hear mumbled chatting and then my Mum yells up the stair's

“Elaine is here Paul! Do you mind if she checks out the good stitching they have done on you!”
ERRRRR nope sorry!!!

Also on this topic...the actual operation was quite interesting

I have always been big for my age...not that way! Get yer mind out the gutter!

Anyway, we get to the hospital and I get taken to the kids ward....I was only 13 after all...and presented with one of those shawls which tie at the back. I get into it and see a problem.

“Mum? I know these things are meant to give quick access for the doctors, but it should cover my bum right?

The shawl barely reached round my waist and my bum was out on display for all...ten mins later I got an adult sized one

Finally...after the operation I got added surprise from the doctors

The gauze was fluorescent green. I had a fluorescent green gauze wrapped round my privates which glowed in the dark
And I am a Star Wars fan
You can guess the rest I hope

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